You heard what we have to say about our Medios Techology Platform, now hear what our clients are saying:

It’s really top-notch development. If you have a background with programming or development, you’ll note that it is built on the latest technology, which makes it very easy to upgrade and manipulate as time goes on. This was a big deal for me since ongoing compliance is obviously important.
–Chris from Urology Institute

A lot of systems will do the basics. Medios has all these amazing details and custom features that go beyond my past EHRs. Someone who actually knows what he or she is talking about always supports me. They even helped me with Meaningful Use.
–Anthony from Dr. Suarez, M.D.

We have two doctors in the office who are complete opposites. One is extremely tech savvy, one is a little shy with technology, and both of them are equally content with the system.
–Teresa from Dr. George Jalil

We were so lucky to have found out about Medios EHR. Our heads were spinning after seeing so many systems. The staff at Medios was the most honest, professional, and courteous that we encountered.
–Gina from Family Wellness Center

I have to say that this company is the whole package- excellent software AND service! We have had a lot of turnover in our staff and IOS was great about helping us make sure that all of our new employees were fully trained and that we didn’t have any downtime. We have two doctors in our practice and since they are older they were very anxious about starting and EMR, but IOS made it very easy on us, allowing us to take “baby steps.”
–Lisette from Lang Family Practice

A colleague recommended Medios to me about a year ago. I finally got around to signing up with Medios and I have been pleasantly surprised with the process. The implementation process was smooth and the EHR works really well. It has a fresh interface and it’s easy. I have some older employees and they have been able to make the adjustment without any major issues. The implementers made sure everyone was trained. Overall I’d give implementation 10/10. Medios EHR really works for my practice. We are more organized, effective and very happy with our decision with Medios EHR.
–Frances from West Coast Medical

Customer support is the most impressive aspect of IOS Health. They are always there when you need it. You can call and speak to their in-house team 24/7. I have personally called at late hours, and the person I spoke to knew the system intimately and was able to assist me within minutes. In one instance, it was very late, and I forgot how to remove an employees account privileges. I called around 3:30 AM EST and spoke to a live person in their office, who helped me out.
–Clarissa from Pain Management and Wellness Center

For starters, their entire operation is in the US. Nothing is outsourced. It’s really amazing what they can do with the software. They integrate with different labs and machines that my other EHR failed at. By the way, they did all that for free for me. They have never left me alone throughout my time with them (two years) and have given me complete VIP access, even though I’m a smaller single physician practice. This system has made my life easier; everyone in the office has more time. Their tools/features make everything so simple. I know very little about Meaningful Use, but with Medios and their support, I was able to attest. Not only was I able to attest, but their staff helped me out every single step of the way. These people have really earned my respect, and that’s not something I throw around lightly.
–Dr. J from Dr. J Alvarez MD